Brown Bear morguefile CCThe management plan was able to optimize the protection of environment, resources and cultural heritage. The area is home to endangered species such as the Grizzly Bear (pictured), caribou, and more.

User: Peel Watershed Planning Commission, Yukon Territory, Canada.

Marxan, ArcGIS and Zonation were used extensively in a spatial analysis designed to integrate the management of land, water and resources, including fish, wildlife and their habitats. First to take place was consultation with First Nations, other residents, stakeholder groups and experts to determine issues, interests, and considerations in the Peel Watershed Planning Region. Then conservation values and interests and their indicators were identified, their spatial distribution described and critical issues defined. Finally, the results of spatial analysis were distilled into sets of conservation priorities.

These conservation priorities were then compared and contrasted with other regional conservation initiatives, and their influence on the regional planning process was discussed.